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Local Doctor Plays Tennis 10 Days After Surgery

Many people know about Dr. John Prabhakar's passion for a game of tennis.  In fact, he just played a game last week.  This may not seem so unusual, especially given the unbelievable temperatures outside, but Dr. Prabhakar just had his right knee joint replaced.  The game he played was Wii tennis at Rochelle Community Hospital's (RCH) Rehabilitation Department.

A long-time local surgeon, Dr. Prabhakar retired from RCH after 30 years of practice.  When it came time for a knee replacement, he knew he wanted to have his surgery and care at RCH.

Surgeons from Midwest Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) in Sycamore have recently begun operating at RCH.  Dr. Prabhakar saw Dr. Rajeev Jain, an orthopaedic surgeon from MOI, and scheduled his surgery in Rochelle.  His knee joint was replaced with the newest technology, Signature™ Biomet, which uses a three-dimensional guide and precise alignment of the new knee with his entire leg. Prabhakar was up walking 24 hours after surgery. 

"My knee does still have some pain after doing my physical therapy, but I feel I've done well considering it's been nearly two weeks since my surgery," he said.  "My physical therapist has been careful and conscious of my tolerance as I work to get my knee's flexibility beyond 90 degrees."  He added that he'd received excellent care during his stay at the hospital. "From the operating room to the floor, I have had very caring and professional staff. They made me feel very special, but I found out they are like that to everyone!" 

Prabhakar was a Medicare swing bed patient at the hospital.  These designated beds are used for short term care after an illness or operation no longer requires a hospital stay.  The swing bed option worked well for him during the first week after surgery because Dr. Prabhakar felt it would have been difficult to manage going up and down stairs and taking care of his personal needs, such as showering, on his own at home.

Summarizing his hospital stay, Dr. Prabhakar stated, "Because it's a smaller hospital, everybody knows what your needs are from the pharmacist to the housekeeper, to the patient care coordinator, plus the wonderful food.  You receive more attention than you might at a bigger facility."

Janet Stewart

Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator




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