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Our High Performer for the Month of July is Scott Glavac

Scott Glavac has been named the RCH High Performer of the month for July.  Scott works in Dietary and has been an employee of our hospital for two years.

“Scott is always friendly when he answers the phone. He always is so pleasant to the community and the staff when he is working at the register. He always makes sure if anyone needs help with a tray or with anything at all that he is right there to help them out. I recently witnessed a situation when he was waiting for the elevator and there was a patient being brought from x-ray back to their room and Scott offered the elevator to the patient so they would not have to wait to get the next elevator. Scott is always professional, courteous, and is a great team player.

He is a great asset to Rochelle Community Hospital.”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator




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