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Kellie Downing Recognized as High Performer for May

Congratulations to Kellie Downing who has been named the High Performer for the month of May. Kellie is an Emergency Technician and has been employed at RCH for six years.

“Kelly has become an absolute joy to work with. Despite never having worked as a C.N.A. prior to coming to us, she has turned into the glue that holds a hectic & stressful ER shift together. Her humor is beyond comparison and greatly appreciated in such a stressful environment. Her candidness, which she softens with humor, aids in keeping everyone focused and down to earth. She does every part of her job completely and independently. She is proficient at critical thinking even in the most horrendous circumstances. What she adds to the work environment is immeasurable & irreplaceable.

Kellie is an outstanding employee who is always helping and caring to the patients. She always stays on top of every patient in the ED, knowing who needs what done and making sure it gets gone even when we are at our busiest. We never have to ask her to do anything. Kellie loves taking care of patients and it shows every shift.

I would like to nominate Kellie Downing for employee of the month. There are several reasons Kellie qualifies as the high performer. Kellie is always pleasant and has a positive attitude which reflects positively when interacting with staff and patients in the ED. This makes for a very pleasant work environment. Kellie anticipates the needs of those around her consistently. She is kind, energetic, and empathetic. She is eager to lend a hand with a smile and the patients LOVE her. All of Kellie’s attributes reflect positively on the hospital as a whole. She is definitely a team player and I think we can all consider ourselves fortunate at RCH to have her as a part of our team!!”

Busiest tech in the ED. We all love working with her. She goes above and beyond every single shift. She is always helpful and has all of her tasks done before you even have a chance to ask!”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator




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