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Sue Dvorak Named High Performer for the Month of May

Congratulations to Sue Dvorak, who was named our High Performer for the month of May!  Sue is the Cashier in our Patient Financial Services Department and has been employed at RCH for five years.

“Sue exhibits professionalism and a high commitment to the patient to assist them in resolving their payment for services.  It’s not always an easy job.  But, Sue quietly listens to the patient and their concern while she’s helping them.  Whether they are making their payment or have an inquiry, she demonstrates a great attitude and assures confidence in her conversations.

   If she sees things are busy in patient access, she will get up and come around the corner and offer to walk a patient to their service area without being asked.  She is able to sense the need for her help without anyone asking.  That is a trait that is hard to develop in an employee.  It’s usually driven from within and that is the case with Sue.

   Because of her ownership, knowledge and professionalism, the Patient Financial Services staff rarely needs to meet with a patient one on one.  Sue handles situations very well without assistance. 

   I think Sue is one of those employees who rarely get acknowledged because she does everything you expect of her without saying much. She is a true friend and trusted employee to many.”

Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator




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