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RCH Board of Trustees Unveils New Mission and Vision Statements

ROCHELLE, IL—The Board of Trustees at Rochelle Community Hospital recently approved new Mission and Vision statements.

“We decided it was time to look at our Mission and Vision statements to see if they were still relevant as to how we run our organization, and ensure the focus was where it should be in today’s healthcare climate,” stated Mark J. Batty, RCH Chief Executive Officer.

“The healthcare environment as we knew it has continued to change rapidly for the past few years. With new regulatory and financial pressures being put on hospitals from the federal and state budgets along with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, we realized our business is evolving and our customer’s expectations are changing.  Thus we needed to adapt our direction and goals, while maintaining a positive image in the communities we serve,” explained Batty.

The new Mission statement is “to improve the health of our community by providing high quality care with competence, excellence and compassion.”

Rochelle Community Hospital’s Vision is “to provide local community-based health and wellness services focused on a safe and high quality healthcare experience and be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees.”

In closing, Batty shared “As a result of all of these changes and the future plans we are making, we realized our Mission and Vision Statements needed to focus on communities and high quality healthcare. We also wanted to recognize all the people we touch through our business - the patients and their families, healthcare providers, and, certainly our employees. “

Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator




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