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Rochelle Community Hospital has been a vital part of the community for over 85 years. Although much has changed - from the staff to the buildings and even the name - one thing has remained the same: the commitment to the Rochelle community to provide the best in healthcare.

Rochelle has always been a special place. Based heavily in agriculture, Rochelle has been home to hardworking, loyal and friendly people for years. Through times of war, times of economic hardship and exciting times of growth and prosperity, the Rochelle community has continued to grow, always keeping their sense of family and small town pride.

As the city of Rochelle grew, so did the number of people who came to the hospital every year. Thousands of people from every walk of life were taking advantage of the services Rochelle Community Hospital had to offer. By the mid 1960s, it was clear that more room was desperately needed. The community growth and increased demand for more services could no longer be met unless changes were made. The Rochelle Community Hospital Association set a fund drive in motion to raise the money required to get the broad expansion project started. Their goal? $750,000 - a seemingly insurmountable amount to some - but not for the people of Rochelle.

When all was said and done, an amazing $1.3 million had been raised and 65% of the total was from individuals in the community! Farmers, students, factory workers, teachers, store owners... young, old and everyone in between... they were the ones who pulled together as a community to help rebuild their hospital. This is a hospital that truly belongs to everyone!