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Tips for Healthy Cooking

Tips for Healthy Cooking


A variety of healthy cooking oils can give your meals great flavor. Just remember: A little oil goes a long way.  For additional information on healthy cooking oils, visit the American Heart Association at www.heart.org.

  • For searing, grilling and deep frying, oils that are best include almond, avocado and sunflower. Almond oil is the highest in heart-healthy fats. Try drizzling it on salads for extra flavor.
  • For baking and stir frying, canola oil is a good choice.
  • For light cooking such as sautéing, the best oils include extra virgin olive, corn, walnut or pumpkin seed.
  • No-heat oils include flaxseed and wheat germ. These work well for marinades, salad dressing and dips.
    Flaxseed oil is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids; it carries heart-healthy properties,
    is colon-friendly, and promotes good skin. It will spoil quickly, so keep it refrigerated.
    Wheat germ oil contains an abundance of omega-6 fatty acids. As with flaxseed oil, you must
    refrigerate wheat germ oil.

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